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Simpson Development Inc. Goes Green with High Performance Office Buildings


333 North Fairfax St Alexandria VA - 4th Floor Full Energy Upgrade

What do you call a renovated commercial office space (14,000 sf) that:

  • Saves its ownership $22,594/year in energy costs;

  • Reduced its energy consumption by 86%;

  • Enables its building management team to control all its HVAC systems, lighting, security and fresh air on one proprietary Dashboard;

  • Proves its energy savings with constant monitoring of it electrical usage in real time every 6 seconds;

  • Is easily the most ENERGY EFFICIENT, SMARTEST, and CLEANEST office space in Alexandria;

  • Maybe all of Northern Virginia?

What do you call that space?

 The most recent energy upgrade commercial office space by the Energeia Alternatives Inc. team! 

Before the current Corona-19 Virus crisis Simpson Development Inc. of Alexandria VA felt it needed to do something about upgrading their commercial office offerings to local business. Going Green seemed to be the new trend in work-space and therefore undertook a transformation of a full floor of one of their premiere buildings in Old Towne Alexandria to do exactly that.


In an effort to create a prototype for all its commercial spaces Simpson Development Inc. endeavored:

  • To assist its local tenants and companies to better attract younger professions to their staff’s;

  • To entice GREEN businesses to their facilities;

  • To make their spaces healthier, safer and therefore more appealing;

  • To help save the Earth.


Simpson Development Inc. partnered with the Energeia Team to renovate and upgrade a property to accomplish all this as a way to differentiating itself from all the office space in this area.


333N Fairfax St. in Alexandria is the first of its kind of new office spaces that are being designed and offered to small business in this area to celebrate going GREEN! By locating in a facility like this Simpson Development Inc. has made it possible for its tenants to set themselves apart from their competition. From attracting the “best and brightest” employees, by creating a healthy and safe work environment, and by doing “the right thing” for the Earth, the space at 333N Fairfax St. sets the mark for all other commercial spaces in our area.

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