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The Pozez Jewish Community Center Goes Green 


8900 Little River Turnpike, Fairfax, VA 22031

Project Facts​:

  • Location: Fairfax County, Virginia

  • Project Owner: JCC

  • Main Building: Age - 1989, Size – 77,000 SF

  • White Building: Age – 1856, Size – 3,000 SF

  • Energy Development – Metropolitan Facilities Solutions Inc.

  • Job Supervision – Metropolitan Facilities Solutions Inc.

Project Overview

This existing facility located in Fairfax County VA is a true multipurpose recreational center designed to meet the needs of all its households surrounding the facility. From young to old the Pozez JCC offered it all to its members. Metropolitan Facilities Solutions Inc. was hired by the Centers Administration of oversee all the construction on the site as well to guide the project to be energy efficient and sustainable in the end.


The Pozez Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia (the J) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a strong and vibrant Jewish community through meaningful opportunities to engage in Jewish life. We welcome individuals of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, faiths, and backgrounds. Check out all we have to offer here on thesite and join us for the programs and classes that interest you.

It all began in the fall of 1969 when 14 Northern Virginians met to discuss the idea of a Jewish Community Center in Northern Virginia.  Originally served by outreach programs based at the JCC of Greater Washington in Rockville, the growth of the Jewish population in Northern Virginia indicated a need for a home base on the other side of the Nation’s Capital. By the late 1970s, interest increased and residents reached consensus. The time had come for a Northern Virginia Jewish Community Center. 


On May 9, 1980, the J officially began operation, receiving a certificate of incorporation from the State Corporation Commission. Later that fall, the Center’s Board of Directors moved to purchase a temporary building on Little River Turnpike, now affectionately known as “The White House,” to serve as an interim facility until funds could be raised
for a permanent structure. For 10 years, the temporary building housed the Jewish Social Service Agency, the Council for the Aging, and Senior Adult Services.


In 1985, the Jewish Community Foundation identified the construction of a permanent Pozez JCC building as a major component of the “Capital Campaign of the 80s.”  With the support of the Greater Washington Jewish community, construction began on the building we still call home in the spring of 1989. In December 1990, the Henry S. Reich building celebrated its grand opening, a community-wide event including a dedication by then-Governor Douglas Wilder. 


The Pozez JCC quickly became a vibrant hub of activity that continues to this day. The connection people feel to the Center has been, in large part, due to the Pozez JCC’s dedication to offering quality programs, activities, and services that emphasize Jewish culture, identity, and values to people of all ages and backgrounds. Just to name a few of our award-winning programs: Going Places! social clubs for individuals with Asperger’s syndrome and related disorders, early childhood and school-age enrichment programs, senior adult activities including our annual Positive Aging Fair, summer camp, the Northern Virginia Jewish film and book festivals, and the Pozez JCC Dance Academy. Additionally, emphasizing health and wellness, the Sports, Fitness and Aquatics department has a plethora of group exercise classes, certified personal trainers, classes that explore weight management, swim lessons, swim teams, sports
leagues and more.


Membership dues and generous support from agencies and corporations help the Pozez JCC to provide ongoing programs like those named above, as well as to introduce a myriad of new classes and programs that keep the Center vital and relevant.

Energy Development JCC

Metropolitan Facilities Solutions Inc. was hired as the owner’s representative in the construction process of its renovation and new construction on the property. As the bulk of the construction work has been completed the administration of the JCC has directed their representative to maximize energy efficiency and operational budget savings.

Metropolitan Facilities Solutions Inc. has turned to another company to now take on the task of “Energy Development” at the Center in order to maximize energy savings and energy production. That company is Energeia Alternatives Inc. who will now pull all of the upgrades throughout the job into one design to make the JCC sustainable.


Energeia takes a whole building approach to all of their jobs. Pulling together the strengths and weaknesses of a building and coming up with creative, budgeted solutions that have acceptable ROI returns for the energy work proposed. Their involvement in the project based on their track record of success, the team that they bring to the job and investors ready to fund the energy improvements that ownership and management are confident that the energy will be saved, the budget adhered too and its performance in the long run will be profitable.


“The High-Performance Green Building Difference” of the Energy Developer, Energeia Alternatives Inc. (EAI) will pull together both energy saving systems and energy production from renewable sources to achieve the maximum of efficiency and sustainability for the ownership.


The term "high-performance building" means a building that integrates and optimizes on a life cycle basis all major high performance attributes, including energy conservation, environment, safety, security, durability, accessibility, cost-benefit, productivity, sustainability.

In what has been a long line of Jewish Community Centers across the USA going “Green” the Pozez JCC in Fairfax VA is the newest project to start leading their members to start guarding the earth. (Shomrei Adamah)

Over the past 48 months the Board of Directors directed the executives of the Center to not only modernize their Main Building but also to expand the facility to include a new “Health Club” and to fully renovate its original home on its campus, “The White Building” into its new Cultural Arts Facility.

While a substantial undertaking originally the work has transformed all the buildings in its campus to be State of the Art. In just 2 years the project is now in its last phase of development by making the entire property “Energy Efficient”.



Construction of the new arts center started in October 2018.
Photo courtesy of Pozez Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia.


The new Smith-Kogod Cultural Arts Center at the Pozez Jewish Community Center in Fairfax. Photo by Jacqueline Hyman.

Phase 1 – Getting Started - Done

The trip to Energy Efficiency and Sustainability always starts on the drawing boards. In January of 2018 the Board of Directors of the JCC authorized plans be done to update all of its facilities, building a new Health Club and fully renovate its original home into a Cultural Arts Center. At the center of its plan was for all systems that were updated that what replaced them had to ultimately be energy efficient. The goals set, Scott Burns Design?, the architect was hired, the design started and the transformation of the JCC in Fairfax VA began.

Phase 2 – Upgrade of the Existing - Done

The bottom line of the work that was being considered was that because the JCC was a fully working facility none of the day to day activities in the buildings could be interrupted. Therefore, all work had to be done evenings, weekends and on days that the facilities was not open.

New heating and cooling systems were replaced throughout the existing facilities. Some of the

most advanced mechanical technology in the world was incorporated in order to provide comfort, affordability, safety and sustainability for the customers. This included:

  • New heating, dehumidification and cooling units for the Pool Area

  • New heating, dehumidification and cooling units for the new Pool Locker Rooms

  • New VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) for all classrooms and office spaces

  • Upgraded large air handling units for common areas like the auditorium and gymnasium

  • Zoned thermostats for better climate control

  • New LED Lighting throughout all the buildings

  • Energy Monitoring and Controls for the HVAC units and thermostats

  • Gas and Water meters for all systems

  • Water saving fixtures

  • Overall Energy Monitoring to watch energy consumption and to discover in advance operation issues that come up in the systems throughout the buildings.

Phase 3 – Health Club – New Construction - Done

The Health Club and our fitness trainers will provide you with the motivation and direction as well as all the facilities and equipment a person will need to achieve their health and fitness goals!

  • Takes advantage of Passive Solar to heat the space

  • Built with upgraded insulation values

  • Advanced heating and cooling systems

  • LED Lighting throughout

  • All systems - Fully controlled and monitored by Artificial Intelligence

  • Low VOC materials used


Phase 4 – Cultural Arts Center - Full Renovation – Done


The mission of the Pozez JCC Cultural Arts Department is to demonstrate, illuminate and celebrate the breadth and depth of Judaism’s culture, identity, creativity, diversity, and resiliency through the arts.

  • Takes advantage of Passive Solar to heat the space

  • Renovated with upgraded insulation values

  • Advanced heating and cooling systems

  • LED Lighting throughout

  • All systems - Fully controlled and monitored by Artificial Intelligence

  • Solar – Renewable energy ready

  • Low VOC materials used

Phase 5 – Health and Safety – Current

Bi Polar Ionization

Since 1970’s bipolar ionization has been used worldwide to clean large-scale ventilation systems. This process could be the secret weapon for indoor air quality against COVID-19.

As the current pandemic rages it is becoming more accepted that indoor air quality is one of the keys in keeping the virus under control.


Bipolar ionization is being used in airline terminals, hospitals including Johns Hopkins, Children’s Hospital in Boston and the University of Maryland Medical Center have already embraced the technology.


Terminals at LaGuardia, O'Hare, LAX, and San Francisco International Airport already have AtmosAir units in place. Tampa's Amalie Arena and the TWA Hotel at JFK airport are adopting bipolar ionization technology, as are large workplaces such as Google's headquarters in Chicago and San Jose.


Incorporated into existing HVAC systems or new energy efficient heating and cooling designs, the technology takes oxygen molecules from the air and convert them into charged atoms that attach themselves to harmful substances in the air like mold, bacteria, allergens and viruses to deactivate them.


This includes droplets from breathing or sneezing as well as dust particles that can transport viruses. It is a active process of continuous cleaning of the air we are breathing in interior spaces.


"The ions produce a chemical reaction on the cell membrane surface that inactivates the virus," Philip Tierno, a clinical professor of microbiology and pathology at the NYU School of Medicine, told Business Insider. "It can reduce 99.9% of microbes in a matter of minutes."


Home options are also available that can attach to an existing HVAC system or be provided in standalone portable devices. 


Systems for both commercial and residential use are in high demand and are becoming hard to find in stock.

Pozez JCC Provides Clean Fresh Air

The JCC installs Bi-Polar Ionization throughout its facilities in Fairfax County. In what was considered the most aggressive response to the COVID-19 pandemic the organizations management added Global Plasma Solutions to its front line of defense to these challenging times.

Bi Polar.jpg
Bi Polar 1.jpg
Bi Polar 2.jpg

Phase 6 – Energy Savings & Sustainable – In Design Process

  • To upgrade all exterior older doors and windows for new weatherized units

  • Add insulation to the roof of the pool building

  • To add a pool cover blanket to the pool itself

  • To add insulation to the under-deck of the gymnasium

  • Add an alternative energy package of solar and wind to generate income to the facilities in order to drive down its operating costs

  • Establish a curriculum in the facility to teach about energy efficiency to its members

  • To display its energy usage to it general membership in order to help keep control of energy costs overall

  • Include all energy efficiency, SMART Tech and renewable energy design into the “White Buildings” operations

It is the desire of the JCC administration to reduce its energy usage throughout all of its phases of its development but in the end their goal would be to considerably lower their operating costs

  • Expanding energy monitoring to identify Peak Loads, Off Peak Loads, Demand Charges and all the miscellaneous costs for their electric usage in all of its buildings


Overview – With the renovation of the entire JCC facilities a substantial amount of energy has been saved. From the upgrade of all of its lighting HVAC systems, to LED to the improvement of its weatherization around every building, along with advanced energy management system it is estimated that a 35% energy reduction was achieved.

Given this accomplishment on top of the launching of new programs and facilities the JCC should use this accomplishment to celebrate their leadership role in saving the environment and the earth. As this trend resonates around the globe this entity is leading the way in “doing the right thing” as well as acting as an example for its staff and
patrons for what is possible in their own businesses and homes.


Areas of Accomplishment - Green Building – Designation – Declaration in writing – JCC Goes Green – Energy Savings – Energy Production – SMART Tech Controls


Sustainable – Designation – Best Practices – Materials – Recycling – Monitoring – Reporting

Sustainable Green!

Three pillars of a non-profits bottom line – Profit – People – Planet


Use the fact that the JCC is now sustainable and green to promote all three pillars


Purpose – To celebrate the success of the JCC project, to promote all the participants of the space, educate about sustainability to build community with saving energy in its facility and outside. To draw attention to the entities goals and efforts – to attract grants, sponsorships and outside investments to the entities efforts.

Announcement – Write-up – Press Release – Website – Newsletter


Signage – Sustainable Green Space –JCC Goes Sustainable – JCC Goes Green – JCC is a Safe Space - Exterior – Interior – Monitoring – Reporting


Video – Purpose - Overview – Slide Show – PowerPoint


Supporting Cast – JCC Executive Management – Architect – Metro – Energeia Alternatives - Astra Computers - Commercial Express HVAC, Daikin HVAC, HAVTEC, Engineering


Reporting – Energy & Resources Saved – Energy Produced – Achievements in Recycling reported each month to the clients – Tell clients how to help – Turn-out-the-lights – Green Committee of Clients - Ingratiate their involvement – Celebrate achievements – Water Savings – Recycling – Energy Reductions – Add EV Car Charging – Promote mass transit to the facility – Ride share – Bicycles


Security – Advanced safety for its personal and clients – Access – Tracking

Healthy Space – SG buildings help employees with their performance, relieve mental fatigue, alertness, and retention. Customers receive more comfort, fresh air than in their homes, cleanliness, sun light, reduced VOC’s, more smiles


Demonstration Space – Highlight Green Details – Insulation – Weatherization – HVAC – Fresh Air – LED Lighting – Lighting Controls – SMART Tech – Energy Monitoring – Security – Door Access – Scheduling – Client ID

County Recognition – Promoted as the first commercial user of PACE financing in VA – Large exposure for “Going Green”, “Going Sustainable”, “JCC is a Safe Space”


Energy House 21 – Bring potential clients to tour the facility – videos – lectures

Sustainable Green Curriculum – Set up online classes to educate your clients on how to make their homes “Sustainably Green” - Teach – Be the local leader in saving the Earth.

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