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Modern Office Buildings

The EAI team has had success in reducing energy consumption with all organizations in the real estate market place”

The EAI team has had success in reducing energy consumption with many different organizations both large and small in the real estate market place. Retail, commercial office space and buildings, non-profits, industrial, religious and multifamily residential.


We work with property owners, architects, engineers, tenants, developers, and non-profits to make their projects more affordable, energy efficient, green, sustainable, safe, clean, and more comfortable.

CPACE Financing – We are experts in the use of this financing tool to achieve energy efficiency in commercial properties. CPACE financing is sweeping the country and if you are interested in increasing profitability and a greater return on the dollars invested we are able to show you how CPACE financing can work for your project. More information on this exciting program can be found on one of our websites at

The Impact of COVID-19 on Sustainability – Pandemics are not something new in the history of our civilizations. Ensuring the health and safety of your spaces can be easily integrated into our design for energy efficiency. We are actively working with local and national banks to co health and safety into the conditions of CPACE financing. The parallels to this logic is encouraging. Let us show you how you can not only design and implement the most “Energy Efficient and SMARTEST into your spaces but you can also make it the Cleanest”


Energy Efficiency Begins on That Drawing Boards

Every business and building is unique. Making your company energy Efficient is not your primary business. Leave it to the Energeia team to show you how. That is not only what we do but it is all we do.


As your energy consultant we learn the values, objectives and vision of you our client and apply them to an energy redesign that not only meets your needs but fits your budget.


We learn about your company, your facilities, and your needs. An energy consultant collects data of all sorts. Marries that up with the “industries best practices” and offers a strategy that gets you to your goals.


Energy Efficiency Begins on That Drawing Boards

The EAI team is dedicated to energy efficiency, our clients, their very best interests and doing our part to help save the Earth. This group of engineers, planners, builders, architects, building specialists, SMART Tech geniuses, and real estate experts has been pulled together to form Energeia Alternative Inc.

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